TPM Autonomous Maintenance Defect Tag - Blue - Operator

Product code: TAG-AMBL50
2 part Autonomous Maintenance Tag - Operator
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Product information

Tags are a powerful visual communication aid for identifying problems in any situation – production, service, support or administration area. Use tags to let people know there is a problem and that it has been formally recorded – no need to waste time by having the same fault reported by different shift or even different people on the same shift.

These tags are used in normal operations for production and Autonomous Maintenance clean, check and lubricate activities and on Autonomous Maintenance Step 1 when doing the initial cleaning of the equipment.

Use BLUE OPERATOR TAGS when team members identify something that is not to standard and they can fix it themselves.

For example, a leaking water hose that cannot be dealt with immediately without stopping the process. A replacement can be prepared and changed during the next planned stoppage. A task normally carried out by the operator.

Observe the machine in operation

• Use your full senses to detect abnormalities such as excessive mechanical noise, leaking seals, overheating coolant, jerky movements.

• TAG these abnormalities.

• Seek out the sources behind these abnormalities, defects don’t happen in isolation.

Stop and Isolate the Machine

• Commence detailed cleaning from the top down.
• Seek out the hidden defects.
​​Seek out the causes and sources of the defects.

Open the machine panels and covers

• Seek out the hidden defects.
Seek out the causes and sources of the defects.

Please call if you require these tags numbered (addition charges will apply)

Technical specifications

Product Code TAG-AMBL50
Weight 0.51kg


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