Floor Marking Tape

Using Floor Marking Tapes and Signs can assist in several areas:
  • To designate stock areas. 
  • Creating loading and unloading areas. 
  • Define aisles, pathways and hazardous areas.
  • Direct the flow of pedestrian and vehicle traffic within a warehouse. 
Once floor marking is applied it defines boundaries and make it easier for workers to recognise space and what that space is allocated for, this helps sustain 5S in the workplace as it gives items and workstations a designated area.

Our floor tapes come in 4 Categories:

Light: Can only withstand little to no traffic.
Medium: Can withstand high traffic areas, has much longer lifespan than economy.
Heavy: The toughest tape you can get - Can withstand heavy traffic & vehicles.
Anti - Skid: This tape has extra grip to prevent slipping.